Drying problems in Suffolk

Wheat yields have met the five year average for Anthony Hogsbjerg at Clarks Farm in Suffolk. At 8.75t/ha it was an unexceptional crop, but Deben performed better than Napier and Einstein, he said.

He prices have not been good this year. Yields are down 1t/ha compared to last year due to poorer seedbed established last autumn.

But he is pleased to have finished harvest so early: “We were still filling up with wet wheat this time last year.”

Most came in at under 17% moisture. He said the main problem was getting the crop to 15%, with drying costs averaging £1/tonne. With the EU wanting the crop dry, he said it is costing a phenomenal amount of money.

“If the EU raised the level to 16% it would save the environment and everyone else lots of time, money and the use of fossil fuels.”

  • Crop/Variety: Deben, Napier and Einstein winter wheat

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 8.75t/ha

  • Quality: Moisture under 17%


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