Early maturing maize varieties can achieve cob ripeness in time for harvesting

The continued wet weather and lack of sunshine highlights the need for early maturing maize varieties which can achieve cob ripeness in time for harvesting according to Advanta Seeds’ Tim Richmond, speaking at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show.

“A new ultra-early variety, Avenger of mature class 12 will make it possible for growers in marginal areas who have not been able to grow maize successfully before, to now gain from having maize silage to feed to their livestock,” he said.

Another new ultra-early variety is Artist with a predicted maturity class of 10. “In trials Artist has demonstrated high yields and high digestibility,” said Mr Richmond.
These varieties will hit the NIAB Descriptive List for Forage Maize in 2010, although some limited quantities will be available in 2009.

For more information contact Tim Richmond, Advanta Seeds 01522 861302


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