Early wheat harvest in Kent

Martin Boulden in Ashford, Kent said harvest continued into the first week of September last year whereas he expects to finish cutting wheat within the next seven days.

Hereward was coming in at 9.38t/ha, with hagbergs at 400 and protein at 14–15%. Solstice was cutting at 10–10.75t/ha with 12.5% protein and Hagbergs of 350. He had no results for Claire but thinks it was coming in at over 10t/ha.

“It’s quite pleasing – we’re up on last year in both quality and quantity. We also have had no drying so far which is a cost saving for us.”

A small amount of wheat had been sold but he expected to start selling the rest of the crop next month.

Mr Boulden had been held back by rain for two days, but expected to continue this afternoon. “We’re better than last year because it was a very wet August. We’ve just had enough rain to stop us for two days but not enough rain to mess things up.”

• Crop: Winter Wheat
• Variety: Hereward
• Area: 480 ha in total
• Yield: 9.38t/ha
• Quality: Hg 400, Protein 14–15%

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Solstice
• Area: 480ha in total
• Yield: 10–10.75t/ha
• Quality: 12.5% protein, Hg 350

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