EU harvest resumes

European harvest should resume this weekend, after rain caused further delays this week, according to analyst Agritel.

“Rapeseed harvests should soon reach an end. They confirm an increase in yields compared to expectations, and quality is satisfactory.”

As farmers resumed wheat harvest they would be able to assess the impact of the rain on quality, said it’s latest report.

In Ukraine, farmers had cut 9.5 million ha (23.5m acres) by July 28, with an average yield of 2.95t/ha (1.2t/acre), compared to 2.42t/ha (1t/acre) in 2010.

“The Department of Agriculture forecasts total grain production at 47m tonnes, up from 39.3m tonnes last year.”

Farmers had also combined 741,000 ha (1.8m acres) of rapeseed, at an average yield of 1.65t/ha (0.7t/acre).

In America, rain had broken the hot, dry spell affecting the Corn Belt, but wheat harvest was 10 days behind normal, with yields also below average. “Quality seems at stake in several regions due to rain.”

However, the International Grains Council’s latest estimate put the global 2011/12 wheat crop at 674m tonnes – up 8m tonnes on last month’s forecast, with bigger crops expected in the EU, Russia, America, Australia, Morocco and India.

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