Fantastic harvest near Norwich

Barry Garner has had a fantastic harvest at Shrubbery Farm, Carleton Rode, Norfolk, having finished combining on Saturday (16 August).

“It’s been awesome – I’ve waited 30 years for a harvest like this,” he said. “Prices are absolutely rubbish, but if you judge a harvest by yield and quality then this is the best for 30 years.”

Wheat yields had averaged close to 12t/ha across 57ha, including second wheats, said Mr Garner.

“We had Diego, Relay, Gator and Tuxedo. Relay did just over 13t/ha as a first wheat, but Diego was the best as it matched that as a second wheat or after oats.”

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The Gerald oats had yielded almost 10t/ha, according to the combine scales, he added.

“We need to check the combine meter is right, but we’ve filled the store and the bushel weights are good, so it has to be more than 8.6t/ha, even allowing for any possible combine error.”

Mr Garner had also grown spring barley this year, for the first time in 15 years, in an attempt to combat blackgrass.

“We had Propino, which went into awful conditions and poor seedbeds, but it still yielded 8t/ha with a nitrogen content of 1.58%, so I will definitely stick with it.”

However, he was quick to absolve full responsibility for the excellent yields. “Everybody has had good yields around here – I think it’s just been the right season.”


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