Farmer Focus: Grain contracts grief continues for Will Howe

Wow! If I’d realised people not only read these ramblings but were prepared to act on them, I would have paid far more attention to editing my thoughts.

After receiving a phone call from my favourite grain trader, the lovely/fair/helpful Sara, it would seem that many farmers had rushed to their phones after my last article enquiring why only I’d cruelly been deducted weight loss. Sorry, chaps, you picked the wrong company.

I don’t like to stress a point, but only yesterday I received an amended purchase contract, part of a minimum price scheme, which was wrong yet again.

The buyer had ended the contract six weeks earlier than agreed and the base price had been dropped by £6/t. Incompetence or what? (This has nothing to do with the aforementioned trader.)

All this comes after my being told that due to my gas guzzling tractor my crops won’t yield, Boston will be flooded, my topsoil will vanish into the Channel and eventually, once the climate has changed, my farm might be used only for making bricks. What a week.

Well the climate has changed (as it tends to at this time of year) which has prevented winter bean planting, and kept the sprayer in the shed for a week. The beans are less worrying than the delayed phoma spray that’s needed on some small rape plants.

Even worse is that the day after all the wheat was finally rolled, I got home at 4.30pm… and didn’t know what to do with myself. I believe the criminal justice system calls it being “institutionalised”.

But this isn’t the extent of my madness. Am I the only one who thinks there might be some exciting opportunities to come from the recent drop in commodity prices and the general financial uncertainty?

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