Farmer Focus: Neil Thomson’s spring sowing a dream

What a dream it’s been getting spring crops in the ground. After I sowed the beans (they’re just through but thankfully you can’t read the rows yet), Geoff returned to work and hasn’t been off the tractor seat since.

We’ve sown over 600 acres in four weeks, leaving only 30 acres of lupin/triticale mix to go. Some late-ploughed land was hard, but hiring a friend’s Vaderstad Carrier to knock it down a bit helped.

The only change of plan came when we were asked to try 40 acres of Forensic spring barley at the expense of Oxbridge, most of which last year ended up in the feed bin.

Dare I say it? A nice shower would be welcome.

With T0 sprays under way I could throttle a certain manufacturer of chlormequat that makes its containers virtually impossible to open. After the cap and foil there’s another plastic seal that needs prising. The likelihood of spillage is greater, especially when they enrage me.

Forget Friday 13th, try Friday 3 April, a day I’d prefer to forget. Distracted by the activity of a bird (the feathered kind) on the adjacent river bank, I veered off the drive and, at no more than 5mph, rammed straight into a tree.

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