Farmer topples his own wheat world record

A New Zealand farmer has beaten his own record for growing the world’s highest-yielding wheat crop.

Mike Solari, of Gore on the country’s South Island, grew 15.637t/ha of Einstein, topping his previous record of 15.36/t/ha of Savannah.

Mr Solari said climate was the biggest factor in beating his earlier record, which he set three years ago

“We get sufficient rain and the right amount of sunshine, giving a long, slow grain-filling period,” he said.

It had been a good growing season and the 9ha paddock had looked promising, he added.

Farming consultant Peter Hook said Mr Solari achieved monster crops because they were grown in good, heavy river silt soil and he was using good farming techniques.

The battle for the world wheat record has intensified among farmers in New Zealand in recent weeks.

There have already been two attempts in New Zealand this year to topple Mr Solari’s record, in North Otago and Canterbury, but both failed.

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