Final 10% hampered by rain

Farmers have less than 10% of their combinable crops left to harvest, but unsettled weather continues to cause delays.

A report by ADAS for HGCA said that combines cut around 100,000ha (250,000 acres) of crops in the week to 14 September – about one third of the remaining area.

“There was good progress in England where conditions were drier, with most crops now harvested, other than small areas of linseed and field beans.

“However there was less progress in Scotland where most of the remaining crops are located.”

About 95% of wheat harvest was complete, with yields averaging 7.5-7.7t/ha (3-3.1t/acre) – 3-5% below the five-year mean.

“Recent yields from northern regions have been around average or slightly better.”

Quality of crops harvested in southern regions over the past week had suffered from the rain, with bushelweights averaging 72kg/hl, Hagbergs 225-300, and protein 12-13%.

“Crops in the northern regions have continued to hold their quality with Hagbergs close to 300 and specific weights in the high seventies.”

Mycotoxin levels remained low, it added.

Spring barley harvest was about 90% complete, with almost 100% done in England and Wales, and 20% left in Scotland.

“Average UK yields are estimated to be about 5-5.2t/ha (2-2.1t/acre) – about 6% below the five-year average,” said the report.

“Quality remains good, with high specific weights and good grain nitrogen levels, although there is some variability.

“The specific weights in some later harvested spring barley crops in southern part of England started to drop, although they remain good in northern regions and Scotland.”

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