Final barley fungicide for Philip Reck

Cereals 2012 was a great show as usual; the array of machines and knowledge on each stand was second to none. Particularly Sprays and Sprayers, which I found to be the most interesting section of the show. It was a long walk around and made easier by all the Irish I met on my way around.

Spring barley is nearing its final fungicide application of Pexan (epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad) and Phoenix (folpet). Timing has been slightly later than usual due to the cool and wet weather of the past few weeks. Crops are clean though as robust applications at previous timings were based upon the disease pressure and the changeable weather. Crops are thick and even and expectations for the harvest remain good. I’m glad I applied the Terpal to help keep these heavy crops standing. This final fungicide application will reflect this potential.

I also took some leaf samples to assess nutrient levels and test for trace element deficiencies. Boron was the most limiting trace element measured, which is not surprising on our lighter soils. Boron has an important role to play in grain fill and also helps to increase the availability of nitrogen to the growing plant. So I have decided to do a trial area to measure if there is any increase in bushel weights and yields.

Frontier is now slightly ahead of the Propino, which will be helpful at harvest, as they are divided between two different sites, easing the logistics of harvesting a large acreage of a crop that has the uncanny ability to ripen in the same week.

Combines are currently being serviced and checked in anticipation of a busy harvest. Expectations are good, sun and heat now are required to complete grain fill and bring this potential to a rewarding fruition.

Philip Reck manages 1,050ha of light to medium loams within 20 miles of Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Ireland. Cropping is cereals and oilseed rape, all min-till established.

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