Finished winter barley near Alnwick

Carl Tuer has finished combining winter barley at Rock Farms, Alnwick, Northumberland, and is very pleased with yields.

“We had Glacier, which I’m guessing has yielded 8.6t/ha, and Cassia which has better bushel weights and has done about 9.1t/ha,” he said.

“We haven’t got any oilseed rape ready yet, and there’s an iffy forecast for the weekend, so we’ll probably get into that on Monday.”

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Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter barley
  • Variety: Cassia
  • Yield: 9.1t/ha

Although the winter barley had looked fantastic throughout, Mr Tuer wasn’t quite so optimistic about the rape yields.

“I’m hearing that, although they’re good, they’re not as barn-busting as people thought they might be.”

Mr Tuer was spraying off 49ha of winter wheat today (1 August), so that would be ready in about two weeks time. “The remaining 356ha is three weeks away – but that’s still quite early for us.

“It looks absolutely fantastic, but you never know until you stick the combine in – so fingers crossed,” he said.

“The weather has been phenomenal, although we lost a baler to a fire yesterday – that’s the only drawback of everything being so tinder dry.”