Finishing oats in Shropshire

Andrew Digwood was cutting winter oats yesterday (26 August) at Willow Paddocks Farm, Bridgnorth, Shrops, and hoped to start the wheat today.

“The wheat is looking alright – we haven’t seen any sprouting and it’s all standing up still,” he said.

The 28ha (70 acres) of Gerald oats cut so far were pleasing at 8.1-9.6t/ha (3.3-3.9t/acre).

That left 12ha (30 acres) to do before starting on the 182ha (450 acres) of Claire, Riband, Oakley and Einstein winter wheat.

Crops on the higher land, 1000ft up, were now finished, with winter barley being cut on Monday at 18% moisture and wheat for crimping at 35% moisture. “It looks like sugar puffs,” said Mr Digwood.

Oilseed rape on the home farm ranged from 3.7-5.4t/ha (1.5-2.2t/acre), and averaged 4.2t/ha (1.7t/acre).

Crop: Winter Oats
Variety: Gerald
Area: 28ha (70 acres)
Yield: 8.1-9.6t/ha (3.3-3.9t/acre)

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Lioness
Area: 30ha (75 acres)
Yield: 4.2t/ha (1.7t/acre)

Variety: Castille
Area: 30ha (75 acres)
Yield: 4.2t/ha (1.7t/acre)

Crop: Winter wheat
Area: 182ha (450 acres)
Varieties: Claire, Riband, Oakley and Einstein


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