Finishing the last of the rape in Lincolnshire

Finishing the last of the rape in Lincolnshire 

Oilseed rape harvest is at last drawing to a close for Ben Atkinson of Grange Farm, Rippingale, Lincolnshire. He was combining Castille oilseed rape this morning and hoped to have it completed by tomorrow. 

After starting his 729ha (1800 acres) oilseed three weeks ago Mr Atkinson, had finished 61ha (150 acres) of Kalif, 61ha (150 acres) of Excalibur and was completing the last of 607ha (1500 acres) of Castille.

So far Mr Atkinson had cut the rape when wettest at Moisture contents had swung dramatically from 15% down to 4.2% during the campaign.
Fortunately, the bulk came in between 7-8%.

Mr Atkinson was pleased with results and estimated yields of about 4 t/ha (1.75 t/acre). The crop had been well established and had looked good throughout the season.

Mr Atkinson planned to start wheat straight after finishing the rape. He had 3200 acres of Humber, Richmond, and Welford, which he expected to yield reasonably, although crops were little lodged.

“I’m not expecting record yields or quality and it’s difficult to tell until it’s combined,” the dry April had not helped, he added.

Recent heavy rain means land work will take longer than usual.

• Crop: Oilseed Rape
• Moisture content: 7.5% (average)
• Yield: 4.375t/ha
o Variety: Castille
o Area: 600ha (1500 acres)

o Variety: Kalif
o Area: 61ha (150 acres)

o Variety: Excalibur
o Area: 61ha (150 acres)

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