First time Cordiale wheat pleases

FIRST TIME Cordiale winter wheat, sown into cloddy soil after sugar beet at Horningsea, Cambs, has pleased farm manager Graham Searle.

“Our first 22 acres did 3.8t/acre, which is good considering it went into a very dry seed-bed after discing, pressing and drilling in early October with our Moore Unidrill. Our average last year was 3.77t/acre,” he said.

“The quality too looks good, subject to tests. The specific weight is 80kg/hl.”

With a moisture content of 15% only low volume ventilation has been required, he adds. “It was a bit green in the tramlines.”

Earlier Winner oilseed rape matched the farm’s average yield at about 4t/ha (33cwt/acre), despite coming in exceptionally dry. “That’s acceptable,” said Mr Searle.

“With the cost of fuel as it is we aim to start at 9%, but within three hours it had dropped 2%. But at least that’s an improvement on last year when we were struggling at 13%.”

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