Five days of harvest left at Co-op Farms

Joe Scott has got about five days’ harvesting left at the Co-operative Farms, Ashby St Ledgers, Rugby, Warwickshire, having already cut 1862ha of crops.

“The weather has been catchy ever since we got into the wheat, but we’re nearly there now – we’ve just got 162ha of wheat left to cut,” he said.

Gallant and Crusoe had yielded 9-9.5t/ha, with Crusoe coming out top, while Santiago and Kielder had yielded up to 11t/ha on clean ground.

“Where there were blackgrass problems that dropped down to 7-8t/ha,” said Mr Scott. “We found the Kielder more difficult to keep clean throughout the year, but the yields were pretty similar.”

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Volume winter barley was slightly disappointing, at 8.4t/ha – but its vigorous control of blackgrass made it very worthwhile, he added.

“Propino spring barley did 7.5t/ha and all made the malting grade, so we’re very happy with that.”

Harper topped the oilseed rape crops, but the overall average of 3.6t/ha between Harper, Extrovert and PT211 was a bit disappointing, said Mr Scott. “However, it’s come in on budget so it’s not too bad.”

Oilseed rape should be drilled up by this evening (28 August), although getting fieldwork done between the showers had been frustrating, he added.

“At least all the milling wheat is in the barn, so the showers haven’t done us any harm at all.”

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