Frontier expects to hit Humber Gold at Cereals

Frontier Agriculture expects to sign the 1,000th Humber Gold club member during this year’s Cereals 2011 event.

To mark this landmark, Frontier will be holding a prize draw at Cereals for all customers who have joined the club so far. The lucky winner will receive one tonne of free KWS Santiago seed.

The Humber Gold club will be the main focus within the Frontier marquee at Cereals this year. A dedicated Humber Gold lounge will feature information about the club and the new Vivergo bioethanol plant. Experts from Frontier and Vivergo will be available to answer farmers’ queries and, of course, to sign them to the club.

KWS Santiago is the top yielding variety on the HGCA Winter Wheat Recommended List for 2011/12. It is a hard endosperm feed wheat, ideally suited for intensive production systems. Santiago is resistant to wheat orange blossom midge and can be sown from mid September onwards. The extremely high yield potential makes Santiago ideal for bioethanol production.

The Humber Gold club links farmers into the supply of the new Vivergo bioethanol plant near Hull. The plant will require 1.1 million tonnes of wheat annually. Frontier has secured the exclusive contract to supply the site and the Humber Gold club is the linchpin of the company’s strategy to guarantee wheat for production. This presents farmers in the regions surrounding the plant with a major opportunity to benefit by teaming up with Frontier to market their wheat.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Frontier Agriculture.


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