Frustration over in Cornwall?

He farms 76 ha (190 acres) on medium loam soil, with a further 1,375 ha (3,400 acres) under contract work.

From the seat of his combine, Mr Moss said his Barley crop “was better than expected”, considering the poor weather in recent weeks.

He told FWi the crop was at the expected quality for this time of year.

Mr Moss grows 16ha (40 acres) of Pict and 11ha (28 acres) of Pearl on his own 76ha (190 acre) farm.

Mr Moss has already harvested 5.26ha (13 acres) of Pict with a moisture content of 14%, while the moisture content of the pearl variety was 16.3%.

Specific weight was 63.2kg/hl on the Pict, while this figure increased to 69kg/hl for the Pearl.
He so far has been able to get 35 tonnes over the weighbridge bringing him a 6.25t/ha (2.69t/acre) yield.

Mr Moss says “the weather has been a little bit frustrating” recently and he is relieved he is now able to get onto his farm and start his harvesting season.

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