Good yields after difficult harvest

After finishing his 180ha (440 acre) wheat crop, he said he was happy with the majority, which achieved “splendid yields”.

Claire and Savannah were both yielding between 9 and 10 t/ha (3.64 – 4.05 t/acre) with the early Claire recording hagbergs of 290 and 12% protein.

But he was disappointed with his Robigus. “At first it looked tremendous – yields were ok at 8 t/ha (3.24 t/acre), but bushel weights were so low at 60 kg/hl.”

His neighbour had the same problem, he added. Mr Cumber said he will not be growing Robigus again.

He was harvesting his wheat at 22% moisture and sending it to Wiltshire grain to be dried. “It lets me get to bed at a reasonable time and Wiltshire grain are very fair.”

Wiltshire grain charge 50p per percent moisture per tonne.

One field of Option organic wheat yielded 3.34 t/ha (27 cwt) and another field yielded 3.71 t/ha (30 cwt), reported Mr Cumber.

His Wizard winter beans yielded 5 t/ha (2 t/acre), which he said he was very pleased with.

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