Good yields near Beckhampton

David Hues’ combining has ground to a halt following the wet weekend at Galteemore Farm, Beckhampton, Wiltshire, but he has had a good year so far.

Although the 160ha of Camelot oilseed rape was disappointing, yielding around 10% below the farm average, the Propino spring barley was pleasing, reaching between 6.2 and 8.6t/ha.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Spring barley
  • Variety: Propino
  • Area: 180ha
  • Yield: 6.2-8.6t/ha

“The barley yields were good but nitrogen was low at 1.4kg/hl,” said Mr Hues.

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Claire winter wheat was also good this year, with high bushel weights – although protein was lower than he had hoped.

“It’s been going well until recently and we’ve done very little drying,” said Mr Hues.

“However, the weather over the weekend means the driers will be back in action, and we’ll be back to a normal, frustrating harvest.”