Grain storage: Powder helps control pests

After the difficult wet harvest grain producers should take all steps to guard against store pests, urges Interfarm UK.

With generally good yields but variable quality going into store, growers should consider Silico-Sec to protect their investment, says the firm’s David Stormonth.

“Any further loss of quality will make a significant impact on returns.”

The CSL-developed, HGCA-tested product – a fine silica powder, raked into the top 30cm (12in) of the grain – desiccates insects and mites and in killing them helps counter the fungal growths they encourage, he says.

There are two treatment rates, 200g/sq m (preventative) and 600g/sq m (curative), the cost of a 15kg bag being £65-75 depending on order size.

All grains may be treated, though nabim has yet to approve its use on milling wheats.