Harvest 13% complete, says ADAS

Farmers cut just over 300,000ha between 7 and 13 August, bringing the total area cut to 13% of the GB combinable crop area, according to the latest ADAS report.

“Progress remains well behind the five-year average of approximately 35% cleared by 13 August, with both a later start and slower overall rate of progress,” it said.

Although showers had caused some delays, progress had also been limited by crop readiness. But where crops had been cut, they were generally dry enough not to require excessive drying.

By Tuesday, less than 5% of the total wheat had been cut, with the Eastern region most ahead, at 9% harvested.

“Most of the early harvested crops were early maturing varieties such as Grafton, Gallant and Cordiale,” said the report.

“Early yields are close to farm average, and range from 5.5t to 12.4t/ha.”

Samples were clean and bright, with specific weights at 75-81kg/hl and protein contents at 12.5-12.8%.

About 2% of the spring barley had been cut, with yields at 4.6-7.5t/ha. Winter oats – of which 10% had been cut, were ranging from 4.6t to 9.5t/ha.

Farmers had made most progress with winter barley, with three-quarters of the crop now in the barn, said the report.

Yields ranged from 5t to 11.9t/ha, with specific weights varying from 50kg to 70kg/hl, and averaging 66kg/hl.

Oilseed rape harvest continued to be patchy, with only 30% cleared so far. “Initial yield reports were based on early harvested crops, which tended to be better.

“As expected, more of the poor crops have been harvested this week and this has reduced the estimated average yield to 3.3t/ha,” it added.

“Weed contamination is also a problem in some of the poorer crops, with up to 10% admixture in the worst samples, which have required cleaning.”

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