Harvest 2004: Early wheat wins

MOST FARMERS across the UK have now finished with only a couple just finishing off the last patches.

There are still some areas that have more to do than others as they are traditionally later, such as the northern regions of Scotland.

Some growers have had sprouting problems in their crops causing specific weights and consequently yields to have dropped far below their average.

David Bouch from Dalgety in East Anglia told FARMERS WEEKLY Harvest highlights that only the earliest cut wheats have been able to retain any quality after one of the wettest Augusts farmers have ever seen.

“They‘ve probably got slightly better yields and a shed full of poor quality wheat that will be very difficult to market, especially with our European cousins having a good harvest.”

“Gladiator had a very good year and Einstein has proved its worth as a second wheat.”

Paul Cooper hopes to finish off his harvest on Thursday (Sept 9) on his farm near Selby, Yorks.

The rain has caused specific weights to drop to 70kg/hl which has been the main reason for low yields. Mr Cooper believes the rain has caused a 20% reduction in yields.

Roger Moore finished his harvest today. He said his Gladiator and Istabraq did particularly well, yielding over 9.88 t/ha (4 t/acre).

Scots farmer John Drysdale is using seven combines to get the wheat off the fields on his two farms near Kirkcadly, Fife.

“We‘ve had the biggest yields ever. They‘re excellent. We expected to have low bushel weights after all the rain but they were ok. I am very surprised.”

According to FWi weather services there will be a band of rain moving north-eastwards across all parts of the UK tomorrow (Sept 10). Drier weather will follow behind, before further bands of rain move in.

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