Harvest a third complete in Kent

Harvest in Kent is about a third of the way through, with 12% of farmers having finished harvest by the end of July, according to figures at Weald Granary.

“We’ve taken in about 27,000t, so are a third done,” said director John Smith. “At this point last year we had just 400t in.”

The store had 25 trucks running, with intake close to capacity at almost 4000t a day, but with most grain coming in dry everything was running smoothly, he added.

“Some grain is now arriving at 20% moisture as members push on with barely fit crops, and a number of members are asking us to take additional wheat tonnage due to some very good yields.”

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Wheat and barley was yielding well, but had low protein and nitrogen contents, said Mr Smith. Group one and two milling wheats were testing at 9-12% protein. “There are some pale looking samples, particularly Gallant.”

Hagbergs were 20 to 40 points lower than usual, but were still 300 plus, and specific weights were good at 75-82kg/hl. “There are higher proteins on the lower specific weight samples.”

Mycotoxin levels were still low at 0 to 150PPB, he added. “There is some black grass seed evident in a few samples; more than normal but not an issue to clean out.”

Spring barley harvest was just starting, with expectations of high yields and low nitrogen contents.

“Our members will be pleased that the Weald long pools are well over a third sold at good prices and the Harvest and Oct/Nov/Dec pool prices look very good compared to current available prices,” he added.

“With current prices depressed at least farmers have some good volumes – and a mid-August finish to wheat harvest is still odds on.”

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