Harvest Highlights: Barley N varies

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Mixed weather in the east has been producing varied results, particularly for yields and nitrogen levels in winter barley.

Guy Smith in Essex was worried about the high nitrogen levels in variety Pearl, adding “I doubt it will meet malting standards”.

His yields were also “below average” at 7.4t/ha, which he blamed on the dry weather.

“Surprisingly high” nitrogen levels were also seen in Bedfordshire where Brian Shaw saw 1.8% nitrogen content also in Pearl. His yields started at a “disappointing” 6.25t/ha, but did improve to 8.1t/ha.

Robin Baines in Norfolk found there were “higher screening levels in the area” and was seeing an average Pearl yield 6.25t/ha. But high nitrogens have not been an issue.

Elsewhere, growers have been less affected by the weather.

Even with “scorching hot days and some rain”, things were still “looking promising” for Stephen Ellerbeck in Cambridge.

And although the heat caused the crops to die early for Chris Hewis in Lincolnshire, he was “happy because it didn’t affect the quality”.

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