Harvest Highlights – Combines sinking in Shropshire

The worst in living memory was how Shropshire grower Frank Dakin described harvest this year.

“It’s dreadful,” he said.

He had had problems with combines getting stuck and was often unable to complete fields. So far, just 120ha of Castille and Labrador oilseed rape had been cut, with a further 1560ha of combinable crops still left.

His wheat crops had been partially lodged in some areas and flattened in others. Robigus and Ambrosia were particularly affected; Einstein and Gladiator less so.

Wet holes were proving a particular problem on lighter land. “Machinery is just sinking,” he said.

“We’re just having to make the best of it, and have to be prepared to accept losses in the field.”

* Crop: oilseed rape

* Variety:: Castille, Labrador

* Area: 120ha

* Yield: n/a


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