Harvest Highlights: Crops make the grade

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Barley and oilseed rape quality is good, despite some variable yields, according to latest reports.

Agrovista’s Malcom Perry said although progress has been slow this year in the Suffolk and Norfolk area, quality was generally looking good. He noted oilseed rape having a good seed size, and hoped to see improving results.

Winter barley was also of good quality and despite the odd sample with high nitrogen he expected most to easily make malting quality.

Duncan West in Norfolk said winter barley and oilseed rape looked better than normal this year. He was pleased it came in above average at 8.8t/ha, and was of good quality.

Providing the weather stays dry, he was also optimistic about wheat prospects.

Dorset farmer Keith Harris was looking at his best ever oilseed rape harvest. Fortis yielded 3.75t/ha which was up on last year’s 2.77t/ha, but trial variety Grizzly impressed him. “It was noticeably different. Grizzly was shortest and easiest to harvest.”

His wheat crop was also looking potentially good as it was still standing and looking clean.

Winter barley was far better this year for Mike Cumming in Scotland. Sequel yielded 9t/ha with a bushel weight of 63-65kg/hl. Pict yielded 9.2t/ha with a bushel weight of 61kg/hl. Quality was far better than last year due to better weather, and yields were up by 12-15%, he noted.

Mr Cumming was also pleased with the amount of straw, adding: “We’re fortunate to have a decent crop.”

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