Harvest Highlights: Dry June woes

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MORE GROWERS across the UK are reporting below average wheat yields following dry weather in early summer. Yields have been varied, with some reporting significant variation within the same field.

In Buckinghamshire, Charlie Edgely said yields ranged between 6–12t/ha in one field. The best results came from areas where moisture had been retained whereas the drier patches were poor, he said.

Scottish farmer Charlie Stewart said lack of rainfall has affected his wheat quality. Protein levels are below 13% and specific weights are low, which has caused reductions in premiums.

Meurig Raymond in Wales said lack of moisture in June and July meant yields were down on last year, with thin soils struggling most. He said Access “just ran out of moisture”, coming in at 10t/ha compared to 12.5t/ha last year.

While quality was good, Roger Moore in Salisbury said Optic spring barley yields suffered from the hot June, only coming in at 6.9t/ha. He said the winter wheat rooted well, so did not suffer as much from the dry weather.

In the east, Norfolk farmer Nick Pratt said wet drilling conditions last autumn meant yields were down 0.5t/ha on last year. He said this was expected, although some fields were very patchy.

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