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Harvest is continuing apace between the showers, but Farmers Weekly readers have still been finding time to submit photos to our Harvest Highlights gallery. It now contains 1000 pictures giving a snapshot of crops, conditions and combines around the country

Mark Smith took this picture (left) on Sunday (14 August) of a Claas Lexion 600 cutting wheat in Birchanger, Essex. “I am not a farmer, but started taking photos of the local harvest over 15 years ago and have carried on every year since,” says Mark.


Baling on 10 August in Vines Cross, East Sussex, after a crop of Solstice wheat was taken at 4t/acre and 15-16% moisture. Jack Sheffield was on hand to capture the scene (above).


A Claas 760 finishes off a block of DK Cabernet oilseed rape near Basingstoke in Hampshire. “Sown on 15 September, it gave an average yield of 5.4t/ha, peaking at 5.8t/ha – yields never seen anywhere near before with Castille,” says Tom Porter, who took the picture (above).

skipClaire Skipper took this picture (left) of combining Saffron winter barley at the family farm in Milton, Derbyshire. “Our yields are down a bit this year as we have experienced quite a localised drought,” says Claire. “This year we got about 3.25t/acre, whereas last year it was more like 3.5t/acre. I have just finished university as a civil engineer and work for Balfour Beatty building pylons – hence why I included one in the shot.”

View Harvest Highlights Gallery

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