Harvest Highlights: Wheat yields vary

Yields of early wheat crops varied across the country after another day of rain stopped combines. Reports today (August 5) indicate farmers in the south are more disappointed with yields than in other regions.

Kent farmer John Beslee was disappointed with his Cordiale winter wheat which yielded 7.5t/ha as the crop did not fill out. Solstice was looking better because the grain was bolder, but it is the first year he has grown Cordiale.

Wheat yields had been affected by take-all, Jonathan Tipples in Kent said, leaving disappointing yields and shriveled grain. He also said the bushel weight was likely to have been affected by the very dry weather in July.

But in the north, Cordiale wheat was looking promising for David Hinchliffe in Yorkshire after the first 8ha yielded 10t/ha. Astrid oilseed rape had also surprised him with yields of 5t/ha, despite the poor look of the crop before cutting.

Wheat harvest was going well for Charlie Edgely in Buckinghamshire with Soissons yielding 8.25t/ha with a bushel weight of 77kg/hl. Einstein also yielded better than last year at 8.75t/ha with a pleasing bushel weight of 76kg/hl.

Malacca was affected by take-all, leaving yields lower than last year at 7.25t/ha but he hopes the remaining crop to be better.

Phil Darke from Camgrain in East Anglia said early first wheats were looking good with high yields and decent bushel weights of 76kg/hl. He added that the winter barley was the best it had been in a while.


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