Harvest Highlights: Yields please

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Oilseed rape and barley yields are generally higher than last year according to FWi Harvest Highlights reports today (August 2). Wheat harvest reports are also starting to emerge across the country, with farmers expecting potentially good results.

Dalgety’s Don Bunting indicated oilseed rape yields in the south-east were up 1t/ha on last year at 3.75t/ha. Over 80% of winter barley had been cut with yields much as he expected at 5.5-5.8%.

But 20ha of winter barley yielded 8-8.5t/ha for Richard Payne in Somerset, with a good bushel weight and nice sample. He said: “I’m pleased at the moment, it doesn’t look too bad.” Winner oilseed rape also yielded 4.2t/ha which he was pleased with, and wheat was ready to cut.

Sequel winter barley for Robert Ramsey in Scotland yielded up to 10t/ha on the better fields, and he was also pleased with the good bushel weight of 67kg/hl.

Jeremy Walker in Somerset was pleased with 5t/ha yields of Expert oilseed rape, which was a lot better than last year, despite lodging problems.

Carat winter barley had yielded 7.5t/ha with a good bushel weight and he was looking to start cutting wheat soon.

Winter barley yields were up on last year at 8.5t/ha for David Kirkwood in Hull, although Winner oilseed rape was down on last year yielding 3.75t/ha.

See FWi’s Harvest Highlights section for the regional reports in full and more from around the country, updated every day.

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