Harvest on hold near Scarborough

Derek Lamplough is taking an enforced break from harvest at Manor Farm, Scarborough, Yorkshire, as nothing is yet fit to cut.

“We finished winter barley a week or more ago, and it’s dry and sunny – I just wish we had something ready to combine,” he said.

Venture winter barley was unexceptional, yielding around the five-year average, said Mr Lamplough. “We’ve cut about 56ha and it was easy going, coming off at 14-16% moisture.

“It’s not the easiest thing to sell today but we sold it forward at a good price. And at least there aren’t a lot of drying costs involved, which is nice.”

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Mr Lamplough’s spring barley was likely to be ready at the end of this week, but with rain forecast tomorrow (6 August), it could be delayed.

“One of two people are cutting winter wheat on the early land around here, but wheat on the Wolds is still a week away,” he said.

“I don’t think our wheat looks particularly brilliant – when you rub it out it doesn’t give the impression that it will be better than average. But you can’t really tell until you get the combine in there.”

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