Your harvest photos: Rain interrupts play

Did anyone escape the rain this weekend? Twitter and our harvest gallery were full of pictures of rain interrupting combining.

Some farmers were racing against the clock to get as much done before the skies opened, some were engaged in a game of stop-start and some just had to watch the downpour.

Whatever the situation though, the tweets and pictures of harvest 2015 keep coming, proving farmers have an indomitable spirit.

Upload your photos to our Harvest 2015 gallery.

Harvest in Suffolk with stormy skies

Racing against the rain with Westrope’s Lexion 770TT in Suffolk – photo by malcp


OSR harvest 2015

etting the OSR in before the sun sets and the rain comes – photo by EoinClever


Combining OSR against stormy skies in Essex

Combining vision OSR against stormy skies at 7.5% moisture, in Horndon On the Hill, Essex. Yields vary between 1.5/1.8t/acre – photo by Tractorlow








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