Harvest round-up: Winter barley yields excel

Winter barley yields are well above average at 10.02t/ha, according to national HGCA trial results. That is more than 1t/ha better than the five-year average of 8.98t/ha.

“Six-row varieties on the HGCA Recommended List still head the table on yields, with the hybrid variety Volume achieving 106% compared to the control varieties, and the conventional variety KWS Meridian 105%,” said the HGCA’s Simon Oxley.

Two-row feed varieties were also performing well, with California at 103%, KWS Glacier 102% and KWS Tower 101%.

“Malting varieties are more about quality than yield, but Talisman has achieved yields of 97% and SY venture 95% to date.”

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Candidate six-row conventional variety Daxor looked promising, with a score of 105%, with candidate two-row feed varieties KWS Infinity and Perseus at 101% and 100%, respectively.

“The five-year average yields provide a better representation of variety performance over a range of seasons,” said Dr Oxley.

“The six-row hybrid Volume (107%) remains the top performer, followed by the two-row feed varieties KWS Glacier (104%) and KWS Tower (104%).”

Oilseed rape yields were also slightly better than the four-year average yield of 5.39t/ha, at 5.65t/ha so far.

Adjusted for oil content, the restored hybrid variety Incentive was performing well with a gross output of 109%, with the conventional open pollinated variety Charger at 107%. The restored hybrid Harper was also performing well at 105%.

“Looking at the candidate varieties, the High Oleic Low Linolenic (HOLL) variety V316 OL has taken the early lead with an impressive gross output of 116%, performing well at all five sites,” said Dr Oxley. “The candidate variety Campus is also performing well at 112%.”

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