Harvest roundup: Wednesday

Winter barley and oilseed rape harvest is all but wrapped up across the country, with many farmers making inroads to spring barley and winter wheat.
In Worcestershire, Andrew Goodman hoped to make a start on his spring barley tomorrow.

“All of the oilseed rape and winter barley is pretty much finished. We just want a week’s sunshine now.”

Farmers had almost finished winter barley in the North-East, and were waiting for everything else to ripen, said Gary Bright of GrainCo.

“This is the lull before the storm. If the weather stays nice, there will be oilseed rape, spring barley, wheat and oats ready – everything is due to ripen at the same time.”

Further north, near Inverness, Jim Whiteford had finished oilseed rape, and hoped to be into spring barley early next week.

He was busy drilling rapeseed today, as he expected poor weather on Friday. “We need to get on with it up here.”

The wet weather had started to impact on wheat and spring barley quality in Wiltshire, with sprouted grain and weathered looking crops, said Nick Brown at Wiltshire Grain.

He was just starting to take in Cordiale and Solstice winter wheat, and Hagbergs ranged from 100 to 300. “Proteins are all over the place – it’s very variable.”

But wheat was not yet fit across much of the region, and in Berkshire Nigel Horne was not too concerned about the weather.

“We’re making slow progress, and it’s not an easy season, but I’m quite optimistic about the wheat.”

Milling wheat quality and yields were extremely variable in Kent, according to Francesca Lewis of Weald Granary.

More than half of the Solstice and Cordiale taken into the store had exceeded 12.8% protein, with around a third at 12-12.8%, and the remainder falling below that.

“The Hagbergs have been passing, it’s just the protein that’s an issue.”

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