Harvest well ahead in Hants

Adrian Dixon is well ahead with this year’s harvest at Northbrook Farm, Micheldever, Hampshire, with reasonable yields to date.

“Our oilseed rape was disappointing, about 20% down on our five year average,” he said. “However, from what we’ve seen throughout the South we’re certainly not alone.”

Hybrid varieties outperformed conventional varieties, with DK Excellium averaging 4.4t/ha, while Camelot and Quartz only managed to average 3.4t/ha.

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Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Varieties: Solstice, Crusoe and Claire
  • Area: 330ha
  • Yield: 10t/ha

Spring barley reached reasonable yields for the year, with the 58ha of Sanette outperforming Propino at 8.3t/ha, according to the combine scales.

The 100ha of Propino yielded 7.5t/ha. “Although yields weren’t exceptional, we’re about 10% above average,” said Mr Dixon.

Solstice, Crusoe and Claire winter wheat yielded a pleasing 10t/ha.

“It’s above average but it’s not huge. It’s been a particularly wet year which has led to high levels of septoria,” he added. “But because we’ve kept on top of it, the yields have been okay.”

Mr Dixon estimated that he was about 65% of the way through this year’s harvest.

“We’re much further ahead than in other years. There’s still plenty to do but time’s been on our side.”

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