Harvest 2017: Barley and oilseed rape crops meet the combine

Harvest 2017 is now well underway with combines launching into winter barley and oilseed rape across southern England, Wales and Ireland.

Early grain testing indicates that winter barley quality is better than expected given the very dry season much of the UK has experienced, with specific weights hitting mid to high 60s/kg/hl, although yields are said to be fairly average so far.

The oilseed rape harvest has now also begun a good 10-14 days ahead of the norm in typically early parts of East Anglia.

We’ve pulled together 14 of the best early harvest tweets to show what’s going on out in the fields.

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Winter barley

Oilseed rape


Elsewhere, combines are still waiting to get cracking

One of the most vital decisions to make at harvest…

Some parts of the UK got a soaking on Thursday (6 July)…

And dark skies threatened to put a stop to any activity elsewhere in Norfolk…

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