Harvest 2020: The 5 top-yielding winter barley varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2020’s AHDB winter barley Recommended List harvest results.

Use the map below to find the five highest-yielding winter barley varieties at your nearest trials site.

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Winter barley summary

Results are in from 17 Recommended List trial sites and the control varieties are currently averaging 8.73t/ha, which is 0.93t/ha below the five-year average (9.66 t/ha). 

This has been a challenging season and weather extremes have put all varieties under a severe test. Despite this, the Hampshire site produced a healthy average yield of 10.78 t/ha, and the East Yorkshire site achieved 10.99 t/ha. At the other end of the scale, the Scottish Borders could only manage 5.80 t/ha.

Barley variety selection

Pole position on 2020 yield is jointly held by the hybrid six-row Belmont and conventional two-row Mountain, both at 106%. 


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