Heat takes its toll on European cereals

RAIN IN central and south-east Europe has delayed the wheat harvest in some areas, although the wet weather is seen as beneficial to maize in Italy and some eastern states.

Hot, dry weather in parts of France has damaged wheat yields, which are averaging 7.3t/ha (7.8t/ha in 2004, although still above the five-year average). First cuts of rapeseed have shown good yields of 3.6t/ha (same as 2004).

Barley harvest is almost complete in Spain. Strategie Grains estimates barley yields of 1.5t/ha (3.17t/ha in 2004), and 2.15t/ha for wheat (the lowest in 10 years). Wheat production is estimated 35% lower than 2004.

The Italian barley harvest is complete, and about 60% of wheat has been cut. According to Strategie Grains wheat yields are about 5.6t/ha exceeding last year’s record 5.3t/ha.

In Germany, about 40% of the barley harvest has been completed. Dry weather in June lowered yield estimates, and production is now expected to be about 10% lower than last year.

Heavy rains have delayed the Hungarian wheat harvest and are expected to reduce both the quality and quantity of the crop. About 60% of the barley crop has been harvested. Trade sources estimate the barley yield is 4.2t/ha, and 4.6t/ha for wheat.

About 15% of the Ukraine’s total cereal area has been harvested, with an average wheat yield of 2.6t/ha (2.9t/ha in 2004). The Agriculture Ministry’s average barley yield is 2.1t/ha (2.5t/ha in 2004).

Russia has harvested 8.9m tonnes of grain, including 6.3m tonnes of wheat. The average yield for barley is 3.67t/ha (3.86t/ha in 2004).

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