Held up in Scotland

Spring barley and winter wheat are almost fit in north Scotland, but rain is holding harvest up, according to Simon Barry at Highland Grain.

“There is still a lot of oilseed rape to cut – it’s late this year.” Some farmers started cutting spring barley over the weekend (14 August), but most would not be ready until next week, he said.

“We believe yields are reasonable, but quality so far is excellent – we couldn’t ask for any better.”

Winter barley yields had been lower than last year’s bumper crops, but were not too bad, and quality was fine.

Six row varieties averaged 59-62kg/hl, with two-rows at 66-67kg/hl.

“Some of the early wheats are ready just about now – everything is going to come at once,” said Mr Barry.

“Everyone is a bit wary this year because of the conditions over the winter and spring – it wouldn’t point to a vintage year.

“Some of the spring barley is a but thin, but the heads are well filled. It will probably turn out to be an average year in terms of yield.”

With the crops only just ripe this week’s rain was unlikely to cause too much damage, he added. “There’s no desperate rush yet.”

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