ICE Renewables to launch new wind turbines

ICE Renewables is launching new 200kW and a 250kW GEV MP Vergnet wind turbines into the British market.


The company has an exclusive British Distributorship Agreement with Vergnet SA and these new turbines will sit alongside the 275kW already on the market.

The GEV-MP 200kW is launched specifically for clients in the North East and Yorkshire, supplied by YEDL/NEDL (C.E.Electric UK).

In some cases, depending on the local grid network, this 200kW rating is to comply with the maximum generation allowed to be connected to this region. The 200kW model is also available for all clients throughout the UK.

The GEV-MP 250kW is launched specifically for clients who want to benefit from the financially attractive 18.8 per kWh Generation Tariff band, allowing for two units to be installed under the 500kW FIT (Feed In Tariff) band.

Commenting on the launch, Julian Martin, MD of ICE Renewables said: “The launch of both the 200kW and 250kW turbines brings to the British market two cost effective, quality products that offers better flexibility for the British consumer.”

The GEV-MP wind turbine is from both a performance and cost basis, the most effective turbine in the market. It is a tried and tested agricultural work horse which has over 400 installations in some of the most arduous weather systems on the planet. This turbine offers outstanding returns on capital employed combined with attractively short lead times. The turbine comes on a 32m monopole tower or a 55m gyn pole guyed tower.

The light two blade design facilitates cut in at low wind speeds and the innovative lowering mechanism ensures ongoing operation and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. It’s a machine that is attracting interest from farmers, landowners and agricultural businesses across the UK.

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