In the starting blocks near Arbroath

Harvest has barely started in Angus, with crops just ripening and wet weather keeping combines under wraps, says Scotgrain’s Trevor Harriman.

“We have no oilseed rape cut yet at all – bits of spring barley have been done and winter barley doesn’t feature hugely in our neck of the woods.

“Harvest isn’t late yet, but it’s becoming late – we’ll end up with oilseed rape, spring barley and wheat all ready together.”

After a difficult growing season, including poor seedbeds following last year’s wet harvest, a very harsh winter, and a dry spring, yields were likely to be below average, said Mr Harriman.

And while harvest activity was quiet, farmer selling into sharply higher markets was extremely busy, he added.

With an unsettled week forecast, harvest was unlikely to begin in earnest much before early next week. “The crops are ready to go now.”

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