Internet offers chance to improve crop records

Farmers can improve data sharing and protection of their crop records with help from the internet.

Gatekeeper, a new program from agricultural computer management suppliers Farmade and Farmplan, synchronises information via the web to allow agronomists to update data and share work plans more easily.

“Farming environments have changed considerably over the last 15 years”, Peter Henley, Farmade managing director, said.

“Structures and work processes, for many farms, are completely different from how they were. Many farms are now part of a group, rather than individual and want to reap the benefits of shared knowledge and resources.

“Cross compliance and changes in legislation have also placed great pressure on farms to improve performance, which in turn has made farmers increasingly reliant on the information exchanged with their Agronomist.” 

Existing Crop Manager and Multi Crop customers, who currently have support with Farmplan and Farmade, will receive GateKeeper free of charge as an upgrade to their existing program. 

A non-web local version of the software is also available.

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