Into the final leg of harvest near Fareham

Giles Porter is nearing the end of harvest at Penn Croft Farms, Farnham, Surrey, having virtually not stopped since he began on 12 July.

“It’s going very well – we’ve been cracking on at a reasonable pace and have missed most of the rain,” he said. “It’s been pretty full-on.”

Wheat yields had been generally very pleasing, with all fields doing 10t/ha or more over the weighbridge, and the best going a shade over 11t/ha. “For us, that’s amazing.”

Cordiale, for the second or third year in a row, had been the most impressive variety, added Mr Porter. “And being so early is an extra bonus.”

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Oilseed rape, however, had been fairly average, at 3.5t/ha. “All the varieties seemed much the same, although the lighter land did better than the heavier land.”

Winter barley appeared to have performed well, although Mr Porter was still waiting for the weighbridge tickets to come back. “The barn is completely full, so it’s yielded more than we budgeted for, which can’t be bad,” he said.

“So far, it’s been a pretty amazing harvest. Most of the crops have been reasonably dry and have combined well.”

With 30ha of wheat, 30ha of spring barley, 60ha of spring oats, and some winter beans that would be ready at the end of next week, Mr Porter was reaching the last leg of harvest already. “It’s been a real joy,” he added.

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