Kent worries for fuel price

Kent farmer Robert Maylam was pleased with harvest progress in Ashford. “Things are going fairly well at the moment”.

He had cut 54ha Pearl winter barley on contract for his uncle, which yielded 6.25 – 7t/ha with 13.1% moisture. “It did reasonably well. It has been moved to the granary now but the sample looked bold and bright.”

Mr Maylam had just started cutting his uncle’s oilseed rape, and was “quietly optimistic” for his own Tequila and Castille.

Wheat had “senesced extremely quickly” and he expected some Soissons to be ready this week. “It was sprayed ten days ago so will be no earlier than normal.”

His concern was for the increase in fuel prices: “The combine is using 400 litres a day so the price of fuel is a big worry. We’re dependent on a good return on wheat yields.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Pearl
• Area: 54ha
• Yield: 6.25 – 7t/ha
• Quality: 13.1% moisture

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