Kuhn to reveal new high output power harrow/drill combination

High output power harrow/drill combination

Previously seen only in the UK in prototype format, Kuhn’s new CSC 6000 power harrow and drill combination, with TF 1500 front hopper, offers larger arable farmers and contractors a flexible high work-rate pneumatic seeding option.

This 6m model, which incorporates the HR 6004 DR folding power harrow and Venta pneumatic seeding facility, is suitable for operating on min-tilled or tilled land. Kuhn has included its new Seedflex coulter bar, which is fitted with offset double discs on a parallelogram and large diameter press wheels, and is capable of a coulter pressure of up to 45kg per unit to ensure consistent seeding depth at high speeds.

The new TF 1500 front hopper has a maximum capacity of 2,000 litres, yet has a low filling height and ensures good visibility in work. This front hopper can be used on Kuhn drills from 3-6m and can also be used for fertiliser with precision drills.

Electronic control for the CSC 6000 is provided by the Quantron S control box and an electrically-driven metering unit. This equipment makes it possible for the user to adjust the application rate, to anticipate the rotation of the metering unit at the beginning of the field and to store up to 200 sets of data, including the variety sown, the application rate, the seeding date, etc.

Sitera mechanical seed drill

Kuhn has extended its range of mechanical seed drills with the addition of the Sitera. Available in 3m format, the mechanical drill can be used in combination with Kuhn’s HRB 303, HR 100 or HR 1000 series power harrows.

Seeding depth is governed by the packer roller, which is advantageous when drilling in stony conditions and eliminates the need to make adjustments when altering the cultivation depth.

As with new Venta NC and LC pneumatic drills, Moduliner and CSC 6000 drills (see above) the Sitera has Kuhn’s Seedflex coulter bar, with double discs at a 12.5cm or 15cm spacing and integral depth control and press wheels. The Sitera is therefore suitable for conventional or min-till drilling.

Trailed sprayer demonstration

Kuhn will demonstrate the Oceanis trailed sprayer for the first time at Cereals 2011. With tank size options from 4,500 litres up to 7,700 litres, and boom widths from 24-28m, the Oceanis leads the Kuhn trailed sprayer range. Key features include a suspended axle, hydraulic brakes, suspended boom parallelogram and the Equilibria boom suspension system.

Mounted sprayers

KUHN will also display machines from its tractor-mounted range, including the Deltis that makes its Cereals debut.

According to the company’s UK sales manager Duncan McLeish, all the models in the range are designed to meet the requirements of UK arable farmers and will offer some significant advantages for many.

The Deltis, with compact polyethylene tanks and forward centre of gravity, is available at up to 1,200 litre capacity and 24m boom width for tractors of limited size.

“This machine is notable for its suspended mounting, which reduces the stresses on the machine when in transport. More damage is done to sprayers in transport than when in use in the field, so this is an important advantage and again shows that the design is focused on low maintenance and longevity.”

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Kuhn.


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