Liberator supplies still available

Supplies of flufenacet-containing product Liberator remain available this autumn, manufacturer Bayer CropScience says, despite competitor product, Crystal from BASF, running out.

“Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) is available from most distributors throughout the country and stock is continuing to be shipped to meet the anticipated demand,” said Tim Holt, product manager at Bayer CropScience.

“This year we took soundings from several sources – including our own market intelligence – and could see the need for increased volume, not least the product’s excellent performance last year.

“While there have been concerns about the effect of the dry weather on pre-emergence herbicide applications, conditions have been favourable and there should be nothing stopping growers getting on at the right time.”

Supplies of Crystal (flufenacet + pendimethalin) reportedly ran out around two weeks ago, although significantly more product was available to growers this season.