Lifting potatoes in Angus

Mike Cumming is busy lifting potatoes at Lour Farms, Ladenford, Angus, after an excellent year for most crops.

Winter oilseed rape came in over budget, with Harper reaching the highest yield at 4.5t/ha. DK Expower came in at 4.2t/ha while Equinox came in at 3.9t/ha.

Bamboo winter barley yielding a pleasing 8.7t/ha, while spring barley also produced pleasantly surprising results, coming in below 19% moisture.

“Chronicle spring barley was the highest performer for us at 7.7t/ha, although everything reached high yields with good quality,” Mr Cumming said.

Concerto averaged 6.5t/ha, Odyssey 7.1t/ha and Propino 7.2t/ha.

 “Although the yields haven’t compensated for the extremely low prices, it’s made up about two thirds of the drop,” he added.

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Of the four winter wheat varieties, Alchemy was the poorest performer at 8.4t/ha. Istabraq came in third place at 9.5t/ha.

“However, we’re quite pleased with this as it was late sown after potatoes,” said Mr Cumming.

Viscount yielded 10.3t/ha, with Beluga the star performer at 10.5t/ha.

“All of the wheat was cut below 17.5% moisture, which has made a huge difference to drying costs.” 

Mr Cumming was now busy drilling winter barley alongside lifting potatoes.

“The oilseed rape is in and established, and it’s been a good year all round for us despite the low prices,” he said.

“It’s just sad to see that those higher up the country are having a tough time and we really feel for them.”

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