Lincolnshire Wolds wheat grower wins yield competition

Bumper harvests dominated this season’s Adas-sponsored yield competition with Lincolnshire Wolds grower Tim Lamyman winning for the second year in a row.

With record average UK wheat yields and the world wheat yield record broken twice last summer, Mr Lamyman won the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) with a crop of 16.50t/ha.

Mr Lamyman, who farms at Worlaby just south of Louth, saw his crop of Reflection wheat break the world record and also win the best field yield in the YEN competition.

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The best potential yield award went to Norfolk grower Andrew Hunt who grew a 11.38t/ha crop of hybrid rye, at a calculated 81% of its potential 14.10t/ha yield.

This crop was grown on Great Melton Farms, just west of Norwich, on stony drought-prone soil.

In the trials sector, Ben Giles at Bayer CropScience, won the highest overall yield category with a crop of Skyfall reaching 15.9t/ha at a trial near Duxford, Oxfordshire.

The highest potential trial yield came from Bob Bulmer at Hutchinsons where a crop of Evolution yielded 14.02t/ha at Ludlow in Shropshire, some 79% for its 17.6t/ha potential.

Mr Lamyman broke the world wheat record with his yield of 16.50t/ha in late August, only for Northumberland grower Rod Smith, who did not enter the YEN competition, to produce a crop of 16.52t/ha.

This reflected a season when average winter wheat yields rose 2.8% to a record 8.8t/ha from 2014’s 8.6t/ha, according to Defra estimates.