Lodging makes Somerset OSR harvest tedious

Jeremy Walker from Haddon Farm in Bridgewater, Somerset was frustrated with the weather.

Lodging meant Expert oilseed rape was “tedious to cut”, and he was keen to harvest it as the crop was very ripe. It yielded around 5t/ha which Mr Walker was pleased with as this was a lot better than last year. “We’re using a different variety so we’re pleased with the yield.”

Twenty four hectares of Carat winter barley yielded 7.5t/ha and had a decent bushel weight. He was looking to start cutting wheat or Storm hybrid grass as soon as possible.

  • Crop/ Variety: Expert oilseed rape

  • Area: 48ha

  • Yield: 5t/ha

  • Quality: N/A


  • Crop/Variety: Carat winter barley

  • Area: 24ha

  • Yield: 7.5t/ha

  • Quality: N/A

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