Machinery back-up angst continues for Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter is MD for the UK-owned Magyar Farming Co, which in Hungary grows 3000ha (7400 acres) of combinable crops and potatoes, has 900 dairy cows and runs a potato packing business. It also farms in Serbia and the Ukraine

The Agco agony continues. For seven weeks the company and its Ukrainian dealer haven’t managed to get all the parts for our combines.

We still don’t have the auto-contour working on combines with 30ft headers trying to work in fields needing a few more years’ cultivation to get them into a normal condition.

The whole experience is unbelievable – that a multinational company cannot supply combines to an agreed specification. Even more amazing is its logistics and service failure to get parts and service to new machines.

We have lost all confidence in its promises and ability to do anything, and view the whole episode as a catalogue of failure.

We have had various combines harvesting in the Ukraine and are getting through the wheat now.

With a lot of poor quality wheat around the region, prices have been falling. Feed wheat has dropped to about £90/t – if you can find a buyer.

This has disrupted our Serbian plans, as we have been unable to sell enough to pay for our new drier and may not get it erected in time for the maize season.

We’re still harvesting wheat in Hungary, having started in June. We’ve never been so late, and last week we had to glyphosate the remaining crops to deal with the weeds in them.

Wet weather has severely delayed our building projects and it’s questionable whether the new potato store will be ready on time.

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